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Nov 1, 2013 12:00am EDT
of federal agencies. to strengthen the protection of national security affirmation in the physical security such as improving the effectiveness and of background investigation and by which agencies make national suitability determinations to grant or revoke systems believe medicare risk. comprised of military and civilian contractor personnel we eat work to reach to the process are applied to all individuals with federal facilities, and networks were classified in the consistent manner. this affects the first to protect no less when it is for formed by contractors to an employee's. of men and women make up the force our no less patriotic fax many have had careers in the armed forces. we have made security clearances in an end we need to do more in 2004 of congress pass the terrorism prevention act so all agencies have to prevent but we have this is a limit the schools every quarter since all maintaining this clearance process with that backlog has been eliminated. m4 the executive branch reform efforts extend beyond the time vegas missiles to establish enterprise technology standards. in to
Al Jazeera America
Oct 31, 2013 11:00pm EDT
a round of revelations about the national security agency. we have this report. >> these are the slides leaked by whistle blower edward snowden in june revealing u.s. authorities are demanding internet companies hand them user information. as long as the national security agency or the fbi are 51% sure that the user is foreign, their emails, audio and video chats, photographs and documents are theirs for the searching. carefully worded denils follow from the companies, arguing that they only give specific information to the u.s. government as legally required on a case by case basis. these assurances have been left irrelevant sholling the number of sa -- showing the nsa has bypassed this, breaking into googles and yahoo!'s cables. citizens no longer receive protection awes all information is -- as all information is considered foreign. >> the government backs into the cables as a backdoor to get around the complaints. >> one thing is clear - any data protections that do exist are only for u.s. citizens. >> if you are not a citizen, if you are a non-american outside the united states, b
Nov 1, 2013 10:00am PDT
this time a report at australia claims that the us national security agency is using australian and the seas and a chat to intercept phone calls and data across the region. unending reports the cancellation nations including china are demanding an explanation from the united states on reports wash busy gazing electronic intelligence gathering australian indices think all sports and the countries the sydney morning herald reported thursday. now australian embassies in asia and win the one and aj were being used as part of the us led spying operations the reporter us nasa security agency documents show the australian government has been allowing the nsa cooperate in this and the seas and in the show. i let it not china and east timor. the chinese foreign ministry said that us should abide by international law and regulations. a finance extremely concerned about this report and asked that the us offer a clarification an explanation. we also accept foreign embassies in tyne and their staff respectively and accommodation and other international treaties. we should not get involved in any activiti
Oct 31, 2013 8:00pm EDT
investigations and strengthening the processes by which agencies make national security a suitability determination. we must ensure those processes and the processes for granting or revoking access to facilities and information systems fully mitigate risks. we have a multisector workforce comprised military civilian and contractor personnel could we have worked to ensure that robust vetting policies are applied to all and officials with access to federal facilities networks were classified information to assist them better. this approach reflects two principles. first they need to protect our national securities no less critical in the work is performed by contractors and when it's performed by federal employees. second amend them and who make up the contractor worked for serna was patriotic and that government counterparts in fact many of had meaningful careers as federal employees in the armed forces. while we have made significant progress mary suitability security clearance and credentialing process reform we need to do more. in 2004 was passed the intelligence reform and terroris
Nov 1, 2013 12:00pm EDT
, national defense, cyber security and employs some of the country's best and brightest mind. i will reed you an excerpt from a letter, the director of the laboratories wrote to me about these restrictions. he shares my concern that these will harm the ability of the national labs in their research, their scientists and engineers to share knowledge and collaborate with their peers in academia and industry. these interactions are critical to keeping our researchers at the cutting-edge in their field. he shares my desire to insure that we are spending our taxpayer dollars wisely while effectively helping the government accomplish its missions. dr. homert suggests developing standards for evaluating managing and risks of conference travel spending. i ask, mr. chairman, unanimous consent to place the whole letter in the record and in addition -- >> without objection, so ordered. >> thank you, sir. and i have another letter that is from the center for association leadership, a watchdog organization, who is also looking at these balances, clearly we don't want these mistakes made but we want to be
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5